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  • 1208: "TBA" - airs October 8th

There is no information at present, but expect more information in the week 1208 airs!

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Cartman dons the Pope's outfit in attempts to fulfill an agreement.

"Imaginationland Episode III" is the twelfth episode of the eleventh season of South Park. It concludes the trilogy that began in "Imaginationland" and continued into "Imaginationland Episode II".

Aslan reminisces how Imaginationland used to be a happy place - but then the terrorists came. So many were killed, and the barrier was broken down and the evil creatures arrived; and now they prepare for their final battle. The evil marches forward, with the woodland critters remarking how fun the battle will be. Aslan notes that they cannot win alone, for some have never held a weapon and they are too few in number. Aslan then notes that is where Butters comes in, for he has a power he is yet to understand.

Al Gore meanwhile is showing people video footage of Manbearpig's attack and tells them he told them it was real. He goes on to say something big has happened, and the American people need to know. Having donned a cape, he tries to fly off.


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