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They were the dreaded forces on the fringes of civilization, the bloodthirsty warriors who defied the Roman legions and terrorized the people of Europe. They were THE BARBARIANS, and their names still evoke images of cruelty and chaos. But what do we really know of these legendary warriors? From the frigid North Sea to the Russian steppes, this ambitious series tells the fascinating stories of four of the most fabled groups of fighters in history, tracing 1,000 years of conquest and adventure through inspired scholarship and some of the most extensive reenactments ever filmed. Vikings sails with the Norsemen from Arabia to the New World, stopping off for a bit of pillaging along the way. Goths reveals why this once-fearsome people subjected themselves to Roman rule, only to rise up again at the battle of Adrianople. Mongols rides with Genghis Khan and his descendants as they sweep from Asia to the heart of modern Germany in a frenzy of expansion. Huns probes the truth behind the mysterious warriors who were led by man whose name remains synonymous with bloodshed and destruction-

Lengte: 46 minuten